The Response" is a war memorial in the gardens by Newcastle Civic Centre, off Barras Bridge. The sculpture was designed by Sir W. Goscombe John and unveiled by the Prince of Wales on 5th July 1923. It depicts the Territorial Army "Pals" of the Northumberland Fusiliers marching off to the Fist World War.









The Royal Northumberland Fusiliers

9th Battalion the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers
The 9th Battalion was formed as a duplicate of the 7th Battalion on the 27th of June 1939, it was formed as a machine gun battalion.
 On the 2 October 1939 it was attached to the 23rd Northumbrian Division and embarked for France in April 1940.
 After Dunkirk the Battalion left the 23rd Division and became part of the Home Front until it was sent to Singapore under Malay Command.

On the 30.10.1941 the 9th Battalion left Liverpool on board the Warwick Castl, joining Convoy CT 5.

Arriving in Halifax Nova Scotia on the 8.11.1941, the Battalion was then transfered to the USS Orizaba. There was reluctance of the men to board the ship as they felt the condition on the ship were unsuitable, but they eventually went on board.
On the 10.11.1941 the Orizaba set sail, joining the convoy William Sail 12 X, which was escorted by the US Navy.
Refueling USS Orizaba, the ship carrying the 9th Battalion Royal Northumberland Fusiliers from Halifax Nova Scotia to Bombay

The Convoy arrived at Cape Town, South Africa, the Americans were now at war with the Japanese after the attack on Pearl Harbour.

Leaving Cape Town on the 13.12.1941 and headed for Bombay, India, arriving on the 13.12.1941.
The Troops disembarked.

The 9th Battalion Boarded the Felix Rousell on the 17.1.1942, passing Ceylon, the Convoy passed through the Sundra Strait between Sumatra and Java, heading for Singapore via the Bangka Strait.

Arriving in Singapore on the 29.1.1942 and disembarked,  they were then deployed to meet the expected invasion by the Japanese.

There was a group of 9 men ordered to leave Singapore on the 13.2.1942.Link :-

Fusiler N A Cree
Escape to Sumatra
The battalion became Prisoners of war of the Japanese when Singapore surrendered on the 15th February 1942.
The majority of the 9th Battalion were sent to work on the Thai-Burma Railway, somw returned to Singapore and were the transported overseas to Japan, Taiwan (Formosa) and French-Indochina (Vietnam)
Ronnie’s Nagoya 4B - Iruka, Japan, page, were many 9th Battalion RNF were sent to.

There were men of the 9th Battalion RNF on board the Rakuyo Maru when it was sunk on the 12th of September 1944

Both the roll and the repatriation files are in  .PDF format , they are searchable (Service Number, Name , Dates etc)  on a Windows based PC or Laptop. There are links (Blue Text) throughout the files, click on them to follow the link and use the back button to return to the file.

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War Office Documents
WO 361/2123
WO 361/1129
WO 417/41
WO 417/61
WO 417/98

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